General Manager   United Planet Tires Retreading LLC in Dubai had been established and working from beginning of 2014, As new branch for mother company " United For Commercial & Industrial Tires" Jordan" which is working since 1993 with ( 6240 ) tire / year, 30 workers and technical with production capacity in 2013 ( 15912 ) retreading truck tire. General Manager Mr. Riyadh El-shqeirat always looking to improve and developing retreading knowledge by sign practical agreement with Mulot Autotechnik Reifen from Germany in 2009 for training and transfer German know how and experience in retreading business. We at United Planet are committed to understanding your needs as a truck/bus driver and owner, so we providing the appropriate solutions through a comprehensive range of products and services. Whether your requirement is for a complete trailer and truck tires or just a need for service and retread your used tires, we have the most appropriate solution. Make the right choice, Make United Planet Tires Retreading your partner on the road.     more>>

Why should your company
consider retreading?!

Are you owner for transportation company? Are you purchases officer in transportation company?
Retreading can represent a huge chance to save youe money, not less than 60% from new tire cost. There are three common myths about retreading: retreads are unsafe, retreads are not cost efficient, and retreads cannot resist heat. These myths are usually perpetuated by the amount of rubber found on the road. It is believed that the rubber on the road resulted from retread failure caused by high heat, or because the casing tire was not bonded properly. Both of these beliefs are usually false. It is important to know that rubber that is found on the road comes from both retreads and un-retreaded tires. While retreads usually get the blame, tire failure can mostly be attributed to a poor pre-trip inspection or poor maintenance because the proper inflation pressures and other critical factors were not maintained. The facts about retreading are that they are safe, cost efficient and can withstand heat as well as a new tire. Retreads are used world wide on vehicles such as school buses, emergency vehicles, and commercial airplanes. Retreading is cost efficient in two ways; it lowers a fleet cost per kilometer and cost per hour and it reduces the amount of tires disposed of in landfills thereby limiting the cost of disposal.

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